ITCCCA 5K Postal XC Championships coming to a track near you

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The ITCCCA Postal Meet is evolving!

We are all thrilled that the IHSA is adding sectional meets to the calendar!  This means that the format of the ITCCCA Postal Meet is evolving.

We recognize that this remains a strange year, with or without sectionals.  We also want to make sure there are opportunities for all cross country athletes to have a chance to finish a training season and post the best time possible.

With this in mind, the ITCCCA Postal Meet will now be a “Best of the Rest” meet.  Due to restrictions still in place, many conferences are only hosting varsity meets.  Regional and Sectional teams are only able to run 7 athletes and include one extra as an alternate. 

SO–let’s give our athletes one more chance to attain a goal.  This competition is open to any teams and any athletes who want to compete; just compete within the time frame, log the times, and send the information to us.  We will rank individuals and then score the, meet for fun.  The ITCCCA Postal 5k Championships gives ALL of our Illinois High School Cross Country student-athletes a chance to end their season on a high note and at the same time, safely. It is a celebration of what they, the student-athletes, their teams, and coaches, have been through in 2020.

The purpose of the ITCCCA Postal 5k is simple. The event was created by working within guidelines established by the IHSA along with the State of Illinois. It was deemed essential by our group that this was done with the main priority of the safety of the student /athletes that would be involved with this event.

Answers to Questions about the ITCCCA 5k Postal Championships

Who can participate?

Any high school student-athlete who has competed in a high school meet in Illinois and/or is enrolled in an Illinois High School is eligible to compete.

How many levels will be in this postal meet?

There will be three classes (Class 1A, Class 2A, Class 3A) within each division.

How many runners will be permitted to run in the ITCCCA 5K Postal Championships per school?

That is up to the school that is running their postal meet on their high school track. All we ask is that you conduct your time trial UNDER THE GUIDELINES SET BY THE IHSA AND THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Are Coaches allowed to conduct this time trial during these dates?

Yes. Since the meets will be held in a Fall Sports Contact period, coaches will be allowed to coach their student athletes (per the IHSA).

Will Awards be given for this postal?

Results will be posted on the ITCCCA website and certificates will be sent to the coaches of the top 50 finishers in each class via pdf for coaches to print.

What are the guidelines and how do we enter our school?

Teams can run the 5k any time between October 19 and October 31–coaches decide what works best for their teams.

Run the 5k (12.5 laps) on your school’s track – start at the 200m mark.  Please–do not invite other teams to compete with you, as this may violate safety codes enacted by school officials, the IHSA, state, and local conferences.

Record the times on the provided Google Sheets template, and email them back.  This can ONLY be run on a track in order to make sure the distance is the same.

We are counting on coaches to record times accurately and round up to the nearest tenth of a second.


Once you have completed the spreadsheet, do the following:

  1. Adjust the sharing settings of the sheet so that anyone can view it (so we can see it and copy the results to our master spreadsheet).
  2. Put the link in the body of an email, In the “Subject” line write your school name.
  3. Email your team results spreadsheet link to
  4. The deadline is midnight, Sunday Nov. 1st. ITCCCA will send a mass email when complete results have been posted.

Miscellaneous Notes

No fees will be charged.

Meet results will be announced on the website on November 3rd.

Please feel free if you email any questions to the address: