ITCCCA Officers

Anderson, MarkCary GrovePast President/Vendors
Christian, KevinJacobsWebmaster/Online Registration
Currins, SteveRetiredHall of Fame/Middle School Award
Elhert, ToddGeneseoVice President
Harrington, KevinSt. Charles NorthPresident
Hass, KellyGlenbard WestPast President/Secretary/Hotel Liason
Ivory, JayLake ParkClinic Sprints/Distance
Kaberna, TomLake ParkClinic Jumps
Maletich, MattDowners Grove NorthCOY/Assist COY/Distinguished Service
Ritter, BruceRetiredHall of Fame
Tacchi, MarkRetiredPast President
Ward, ScottRetiredTreasurer

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