2024 Dekan Memorial Scholarship

George Dekan was a "Renaissance Man" in every sense of the word.  A native of Wheaton, Illinois, and a veteran of World War II, he served the Glenbard Township high schools as both a guidance counselor and teacher of electronics.  A husband, father, coach, businessman, football player, pole vaulter, and musician, Dekan even found time to invent and patent the Athletic Performance Analyzer, a more accurate timing system than even a stopwatch.  He founded Dekan Timing Devices and the Dekan Athletic Equipment Corporation.  He passed away at his home in Fort Myers, Florida, on January 9, 2014, at age 93.

Throughout his 35 years of teaching, coaching, and officiating, Dekan earned many distinct honors.  Although never serving as an Athletic Director, he was thrilled to be one of only three honorees to never hold that position yet still be inducted into the Athletic Director Presidential Hall of Fame in 2000.  Additionally, he was a Hall of Fame member for both the Illinois Track and Cross Country Coaches’ Association and the Illinois Track and Cross Country Officials’ Association.

The Illinois Track and Cross Country Coaches’ Association, as well as the family of George Dekan, proudly sponsor the George Dekan Memorial Scholarship to commemorate the life of an amazing individual, and to assist local student-athletes of Cross Country and / or Track and Field with their college expenditures.

The Illinois Track and Cross Country Coaches’ Association was founded in 1962 and formed with several goals in mind:  to promote interest, enthusiasm, and improvement in Track and Field and Cross Country in Northern Illinois; to provide education and opportunities for involvement in our association by methodology; to promote, publicize, and recognize the achievements of area coaches; to provide a vocal representation of our area student-athletes and coaches regarding rule implementation and modification; and to work with and support the Illinois High School Association.


Senior athletes who are participating in an Illinois high school Track and Field and / or Cross Country program and who are planning on attending college or a career school are eligible for the non-renewable scholarship.  A minimum of four (4) scholarships (two male and two female) of $1000 apiece will be awarded based on academic, athletic, and non-athletic achievements, as well as an original essay composed by the applicant.  Applicants will additionally need to submit a letter of recommendation and an official high school transcript.


Any and all questions regarding this scholarship should be directed to the George Dekan Memorial Scholarship
Director. James Janota can be reached in the English Department at Neuqua Valley High School via email at james_janota@ipsd.org.


Step 1: On a separate sheet of paper and in a typed format, please offer your:
- Full name (please, no nicknames)
- Complete home address
- Home telephone number
- Email address
- High school name and complete address
- Cross Country and / or Track and Field coach’s name
- College(s) of choice
- Intended major

Step 2: In a detailed fashion, please list and describe your five (5) greatest athletic achievements while participating in high school Cross Country and / or Track and Field.

Step 3: In an equally detailed fashion, please list and describe your five (5) greatest non-athletic achievements during your high school tenure.

Step 4: Submit a letter of recommendation as provided by your high school Cross Country and / or Track and Field coach in which he / she explains your qualifications as a student-athlete and why you would be a worthy recipient of this scholarship.

Step 5: Submit an official high school transcript as provided by your high school’s registrar or guidance counselor.

Step 6: Compose a thoughtful and well-written essay of no more than 500 words in which you consider the following prompt:

“What has Cross Country and / or Track and Field meant to me?”


All applications must be received by May 20th of each calendar year! Any application received after the due date, regardless of postmark, will not be considered for the scholarship. Any requests for deadline extensions will not be granted, and digital submissions are not accepted. A committee of ITCCCA members will evaluate the applications, and the winners will be contacted by no later than June 15th of each calendar year. All applications should be submitted to the following:

James Janota
George Dekan Memorial Scholarship Director
c/o Neuqua Valley High School
2360 95th Street
Naperville, Illinois 60564-8934

Full Download Here

YearName - School
2022-23Anna Terese Bruno - Seneca Township High School
2022-23Adam Miller - Batavia High School
2021-22Nathan Clapp - Mundelein High School
2021-22Natalia Martino - Winnebago High School
2020-21Jacob Flynn – St. Ignatius College Prep
2020-21Olivia Rosenstein – Urbana High School
2019-20Rory Cavan – Glenbard West High School
2019-20Emily Eberhart – Yorkville High School
2019-20Seth Klein-Collins – Naperville Central High School
2019-20Danielle Osmon – Grant Community High School
2018-19Lauren Lynn Glick – Southeastern Jr. / Sr. High School
2018-19Laure Katz – Vernon Hills Hill School
2018-19Daniel Kilrea – Lyons Township High School
2018-19Samantha Mabry – St. Joseph-Ogden High School
2018-19Michael E. Ten Eyck – Pittsfield High School
2017-18Jeffrey Thomas Giradot – Benet Academy
2017-18Margaret Girmscheid – Grayslake Central High School
2016-17Rachael Lau – Plainfield North High School
2016-17Madison Mary Ronzone – Rosary High School
2015-16David Morrison – Batavia High School
2015-16Olivia O’Hearn Ryan – Fenwick High School
2014-15Jack Feeney – St. Charles North High School
2014-15Emily White – Naperville Central High School
2013-14Dennis Thurow – Neuqua Valley High School
2013-14Tyler Yunk – Belvidere North High School
2012-13Bradley Berg – Glenbard South High School
2012-13Daniel Forrest – Elmwood Park High School
2012-13Thomas Razo – Lockport Township High School
2012-13James Vestuto – Adlai Stevenson High School
2011-12Meagan DeSalvo – Hinsdale South High School
2011-12Donald DeSalvo – Hinsdale South High School
2011-12Stephanie Huster – York High School
2011-12Ashley Parish – Oak Park River Forest High School
2010-11Danielle Gorder – Aurora Christian High School
2010-11Jessica Hennig – Lutheran High School
2010-11Colin Hepburn – Glenbrook South High School
2010-11Drew Johnson – Winnebago High School
2010-11Christopher Spudic – Prospect High School
2009-10Steven Doyle – Lisle High School
2009-10Meagan Hynes – Neuqua Valley High School
2009-10Patrick Morgan – York High School
2009-10Marisa Slomski – Glenbrook North High School
2009-10Dayna White – St. Charles East High School

2009-2013, was named John R. Davis Award

2014-2018, changed to the George Dekan Memorial Scholarship with two (2) scholarships of $1000 apiece.

2019, changed to the ITCCCA Scholarship with four (4) scholarships of $2000 apiece…two (2) boys and two (2) girls.

2020 - present, changed back to the George Dekan Scholarship with two (2) scholarships of $2000 apiece…one (1) boy and one (1) girl.