Trying to Plan an Effective Throws Practice? Dane Miller is Here to Help

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Okay, that’s not Dane Miller. That’s Sam Mattis, the 2019 United States discus champion, one of many fine throwers coached by Dane.

A former shot putter himself at Penn State University and currently the owner of the Garage Strength sports performance center, Dane will be a featured presenter at the 2020 ITCCCA Clinic.

During session #1 on Friday, he will cover lifting for the throws. Dane says his goal for this session is that “a high school coach learns how to keep lifting simple, and ultimately fit lifting into their typical two-hour time period of training.” He will cover periodization and exercise selection, again with the goal of helping high school coaches make realistic, practical improvements to their training programs.

Dane’s second presentation on Friday will focus on designing an effective throws practice. He plans to “provide viable alternatives to the standard high school practice that will improve the training environment, the culture and subsequently the results for the throwers.”

On Saturday, Dane will discuss effective motivation for high school throwers. He believes that “high school coaches can dramatically improve their results by actually creating clearer expectations and communication with their high school throwers.” He plans to provide coaches with “easier means of accountability and easier methods of management of high schoolers.” 

The information provided in these sessions should be of great help as high school coaches plan for the upcoming season. You can register for the clinic here. Hope to see you all there!

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  1. Sam went to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business; not Penn State. Totally different schools. One is Ivy League, the other is Big10 I believe.

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