Ask An Expert: How to run with a sinus infection?

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To provide context, before being diagnosed with a sinus infection I was running about 7 miles around a 6:40 pace on my long run days. However, starting about a week ago, I noticed I felt much weaker during races and even ran a 4:48 1600 m, about 10-15 seconds slower than normal. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. My first long run back was a 7 mile run at 6:55 pace but I had to take multiple breaks to catch my breath starting around 3 miles in. My legs felt significantly weaker than a week ago and this 7 mile run felt like one of my hardest practices of the year. I’m sure with time I will naturally heal up and regain my strength, just wondering if you have any tips from your experiences.

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