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My daughter is in her 3rd yr of high school track. She’s a sprinter who picked up hurdles. She trained all off season with a private coach but her high school coach does not share the same philosophy as her private coach. Because the high school team only has a few strong runners, he put her in what I feel to be too many events.
Example. Wednesday 4×1, 300h, 400, 4×4. Saturday 300 h, 400, 4×4 Tuesday 100mh, 300mh, Thursday 4×1, 100mh,300mh, 4×4. This is her actually schedule. Do we have a right to be considered or are we be over protective parents?

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  1. You should always ask questions. You might not get answers or the answers that you like but at least you will make them think about what they are doing.

  2. I would talk to the coach regarding his goal for the sprinter/hurdler for the season. As a coach I always sat down with each athlete asking them to list their possible events as well as a goal, one that is measurable, for the year or even overall for their HS career. The team was also informed that I would adjust their events to achieve success for them.

    As a coach never embarrass an athlete by placing in event where he/she could not achieve a degree of success. Ex, I had freshman come in stating was a 400 runner. When I told him that makes him a sprinter but after watching him train I moved him to the 800 which was a better event; he went to state his senior year as well as winning the conference 800 and 1600. Ran one year in college qualifying for Drake Relays on Distance Medley team.

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