2020 ITCCCA Clinic Speaker: Kelly Hass

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DeAngelis, Hass & Gummerson | Women In Coaching | NOTES

2020 ITCCCA Clinic Jan. 10-11, 2020 Lombard Westin Hotel Hall of Fame Luncheon tickets may be purchased for an additional $30. REGISTER TODAY

Kelly has coached at Glenbard West for 20 years and is in her 17th year as head coach.  She has worked with most of the event areas and together with her staff, has led her team to 5 top-ten state finishes in the last nine years, earning two third place trophies, the only combined state championship (with wheelchair athletes), and a state championship in 2017.  Her teams have also earned 59 all-state performances since becoming head coach. She is most proud of the team camaraderie that has been a staple of her programs while simultaneously raising two daughters and coaching with her husband. One of the most important things to her is demonstrating to girls that they have a stake in the athletic world that can be translated to every part of their lives, present and future.  It takes considerable time and effort to balance personal and professional lives, but Kelly subscribes to the belief that it is worth it. 

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