ASK AN EXPERT: Fundraiser for HS Track Team

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What are great fundraising ideas for a Track & Field team that usually brings success in the program?


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  1. I know you can’t do it during the school year, but running camps during the summer brings in good revenue. I would also recommend selling food (pork chop or chicken meals).

  2. I have sold mattress’ it was a huge fundraiser. $7000 for relatively little work. The company does all the work and organization. Email me if interested.

  3. I have used Fancloth for clothing. If you have a large school and family base, it can be successful. They have some great gear.
    Some school have used Snapraise.

  4. We do a “runathon” that is different for each event.

    -Sprinters run a 40-second time trial and ask for donations based on how many meters they cover.
    -Distance runners do a 60-minute relay and ask for donations based on how many laps they complete.
    -Jumpers do three different jumps (Vertical Leap, Standing Long Jump, 2-Step Hop) and ask for donations based on how many inches they leap.
    -Throwers do three different throws (Behind-Head Shot, Indoor Javelin, Med Ball Toss) and ask for donations based on how many feet they throw.

    We also ask for flat donations, and honestly that’s where most of the money comes from. It’s relatively easy to set up, there’s no overhead, and we make a decent amount of money. Plus it’s a fun day of practice.

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