Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors those who support and contribute to the sport(s) of Cross Country and/or Track & Field, not coaches.

Nominations are due by November 15th


Before 2012, this was known as the Recognition Award

2023-24Larry Lane
2023-24Brien Dunphy
2023-24Pete Schauer
2023-24Nicole Schaefbauer
2021-22Ben Draper
2019-20Jim Effinger
2019-20Glen Kamps
2019-20Mimi Noonan
2019-20Chris Wilhite
2019-20Glenn Posmer
2018-19Al Edgecombe
2018-19Chris Stec
2018-19Mike Sullivan
2018-19Kristen Adams
2017-18Dustin Guevara
2017-18Alberto Guevara
2017-18Jerry & Elaine Riebling
2016-17Kenric Bond
2016-17Mike Powers
2015-16John Betteridge
2015-16Jim Rupert
2014-15Dave Davis
2014-15John Butler
2014-15Olivia VerBeek
2013-14Jim Briggs
2013-14Max Akerman
2012-13Carol Bell
2012-13Joe “Duke” Geoghegan
2012-13Rich Miller
2012-13Scott Robowski
2012-13Jay Wright
2012-13Jim Rice
2011-12Nancy Conlin
2011-12Les Gringrich
2011-12Michael Newman
2011-12Dean Tillman
2010-11Conrad Worrill
2010-11Dan Hahn
2010-11Todd and Janet Ederle
2009-10Tina Akouris
2009-10Joseph “Duke” Geoghegan Jr.
2009-10Mitch Johnston
2008-09Jerry Dobb
2008-09Chad Quick
2008-09J.D. Davis
2007-08Karen Saad
2007-08Dave Oberhelman
2007-08Cheryl Mitchell
2006-07Mike Eaken
2006-07Dale Donner
2006-07Tom White
2006-07Richard Walton

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