ITCCCA 5K Postal XC Championships coming to a track near you

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The Illinois Track & Cross Country Coaches Association (ITCCCA) along with are pleased to announce the inaugural ITCCCA 5K Postal XC Championships.

We were given approval by Illinois High School Association (IHSA) to hold these Time Trials beginning on Thursday October 29, 2020 and then ending October 31, 2020. We were told that this period after the Regional Meets the weekend prior (October 23-24) falls in line with the IHSA fall contact period that ends on Saturday, the 31st.

The purpose of the ITCCCA Postal 5k is simple. The event was created by working within guidelines established by the IHSA along with the State of Illinois. It was deemed essential by our group that this was done with the main priority of the safety of the student /athletes that would be involved with this event.

A group of coaches came up with the idea of a state meet to end the season after the IHSA made their announcement that there would be a fall sports season for the 2020-2021 school year on July 29. After about three weeks of discussion, we decided if there did not look like a possibility of having a state series (Regionals, Sectional, State), a postal state meet would be the best way and the safest way for the student / athletes.

When the IHSA announced on August 24 there would be some kind of state series, we looked at different options in which a postal meet could be held. Contact was made with the IHSA who approved the above dates as well as we pledged to stay within the health guidelines set up by the State of Illinois and the IHSA.

Answers to Questions about the ITCCCA 5k Postal Championships

Who can participate?

Any high school student / athlete who has competed in a high school meet in Illinois and / or is enrolled in an Illinois High School is eligible to compete.

How many levels will be in this postal meet?

There will be a Varsity Division as well as a Junior Varsity Division. There will be three classes (Class 1A, Class 2A, Class 3A) within each division.

How many runners will be permitted to run in the ITCCCA 5K Postal Championships per school?

That is up to the school that is running their postal meet on their high school track. You can designated after the time trial who is your top seven on the varsity level. Any of your runners after that can be placed on the Junior Varsity level with only the top runners scoring. All we ask is that you conduct your time trial UNDER THE GUIDELINES SET BY THE IHSA AND THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Are Coaches allowed to conduct this time trial during these dates?

Yes. Since the meets will be held in a Fall Sports Contact period, coaches will be allowed to run and coach their student athletes (per the IHSA).

Will Awards be given for this postal?

TBD, but at this time no. Since this postal is conducted in a Fall Sports Contact period, no contests could be held. That would mean that you could not conduct your time trial with another school. Kraig Garber, the Executive Assistant Director for XC for the IHSA, stated in an e-mail with ITCCCA President Mark Anderson of the IHSA:
“I could see where having your team run a 5k on a track without any other teams present followed by posting their performances on to see how they would have stacked up against other teams who did the same thing wouldn’t necessarily constitute a contest.  However, I feel that issuing awards takes it to the next level.”

How do we enter our school?

Only coaches will be allowed to enter their school into this meet by adding the meet to your calendar on Athletic.Net. If an athlete is to participate in this individually, a coach would need to enter the school. It is up to the school how many athletes will compete. The calendar will be added by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 2.

Meet Guidelines and fee for the meet?

Meet guidelines and the meet rules will be placed on the ITCCCA Postal 5k Championships Page by noon on Friday, September 4, 2020.

No fee will be charged to compete in the ITCCCA Postal 5k Championships.

Miscellaneous Notes

Meet results will be announced on Athletic.Net no later than 9:00 AM, November 2. This is a chance for student / athletes to see where they compare to other athletes in the state since we will not have an official state meet run by the IHSA. This is the closest thing to it.

Please feel free if you have any questions to contact either:

ITCCCA President Mark Anderson

Or Editor Michael Newman

The ITCCCA Postal 5k Championships gives ALL of our Illinois High School Cross Country student / athletes a chance to end their season on a high note and at the same time safely. It is a celebration of what they, the student /athletes and coaches, have been through in 2020.