Free Rotational Shot Webinar with Coach Nathan Fanger

Daniel McQuaid Illinois HS Cross Country 1 Comment

On Thursday, July 26th at 7:00pm CST, will present a free webinar with long time Kent State throws coach Nathan Fanger.

In this webinar, Coach Fanger will explain the rotational shot put technique of Danniel Thomas-Dodd, the 2017 NCAA Champion and 2018 Indoor Worlds silver medalist.

The technique that Danniel developed while working with Coach Fanger for the past five years can look a little unorthodox to those accustomed to the typical American approach to rotational putting. A year ago, Coach Fanger was kind enough to explain some of the finer points of Danniel’s technique in an interview that you can read here.

During the upcoming webinar, Coach Fanger will take us through a video of one of Danniel’s attempts from last summer’s World Championships and explain her approach to each phase of the throw.

I think that anyone interested in coaching rotational shot technique will find this a fascinating discussion. Attendees will be able to submit questions throughout Coach Fanger’s presentation.

To register, go here.

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