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Tony Holler, Head Track Coach Plainfield North

  • A coach’s son for 62 years (father was 47-year basketball coach)
  • Entering 40th year of coaching track (also coached basketball and football)
  • 38 years of teaching Chemistry
  • Writer (approaching 300 articles), including “Ten Reasons to Join the Track Team”
  • Co-owner of Track Football Consortium
  • #1 Best-Selling DVD 2019 – Championship Productions (All Sports)
  • #1 Best Selling Track & Field DVD 2020 – Championship Productions
  • International speaker
  • Two sons coaching: Alec Holler (Sprint/Hurdle Coach Edwardsville H.S.), Quinn Holler (Head Track Coach Andrew H.S.)
  • Owner of “Feed the Cats”
  • Coached state record holder, Marcellus Moore (10.31 in 100m)
  • Coached FIVE 4×1 State Champions, breaking state records twice, 21-year average best 4×1 time, 42.58
  • Coached 3 state championship teams, 9 state trophies
  • Creator of the ambitious “Feed the Cats Certification Program” for CoachTube
  • Consults with college football and college lacrosse teams

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