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Wednesday, Sept 25, 7 p.m.

Plenty of camaraderie, food, drink, and good times.

Admission is free, pizza and drinks will be served.

Guest speaker: Dr. Steve Major, Extreme Endurance 

From Dr. Major: Dr. Steve Major will be talking about athletes using the Extreme Endurance product for training and competing.   Many Olympic, NCAA, and HS athletes are on this supplement.  Some Olympic athletes that you may recognize are:  Georganne Moline (hurdles), Clayton Murphy (middle distance), Donavan Brazier (middle distance), Sage Watson (hurdles), Paul Chelimo (middle distance), Laura Roesler (middle distance), Chris O’Hare (middle distance) Cory Mcgee (middle distance), Justin Gallegos (distance),  plus others.  Check out the website for more specifics about extreme endurance. 

What does Extreme Endurance do?  IT DOES NOT MAKE YOUR ATHLETES RUN FASTER!!!  It increases the lactate threshold which means it slows the process of the lactic acid from building up.  Lactic Acid WILL build up in the muscles BUT it will build up later in their race if they are using Extreme Endurance.  In other words, it will allow them to maintain their maximum speed longer.It is perfectly legal and it works!  Come see Dr. Major where he will share data from tests that he has conducted on athletes and will answer questions about the product.



Wednesday, Sept. 25,
7 p.m.
--Click for directions--


247 N York Road Elmhurst IL, 60126


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