2019 ITCCCA Clinic Speaker: Paul Peacock

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Paul Peacock | Middle School Sprints/Relays | NOTES

Coach Paul Peacock has combined his 25 years of coaching and classroom experience to develop a simple, inclusive approach to teaching junior high and high school athletes the fundamentals of track and field. He views coaching as an extension of his classroom, where simple and straight forward techniques have always led to results.

Coach Peacock, who has coached both girls and boys across all levels, implements drills that include every athlete regardless of age, height, weight or skillset. While fortunate to coach some of the top athletes in the state — including state champions in high jump, discus, and relays — his focus remains on individual improvement for every athlete.

Join Paul as he shares with you the methods and techniques that give his athletes the confidence to perform at their best.

2019 ITCCCA Clinic
Jan. 11-12, 2019
Lombard Westin Hotel

Hall of Fame Luncheon tickets may be purchased for an additional $30.