3rd Annual “Sprint Showcase” at Plainfield North

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The Measurements

  • Acceleration (30m block start) timed by Freelap (from SimpliFaster)
  • Max Speed (10m fly) timed by SpeedLight (from Swift Performance)
  • Peak Power, Peak Force, and Peak Velocity (with one Kg resistance) measured by 1080 Sprint (from SimpliFaster)

$40,000 of Hardware

With 20 Fx chips, I have invested over $5,000 in my Freelap timing system. Timing 10m flys and accelerations are fundamental in my sprint coaching.


Chris Korfist has invested over $15,000 in SpeedLight by Swift. This will be used to give perfect 10m Fly times.


Chris Korfist was the first American sprint coach to buy the 1080 Sprint. The cost is $19,500 and the software updates run $750 per year. The 1080 Sprint delivers boatloads of data. We will use 1080 to measure peak power output.


There’s probably never been an event in the U.S. that featured these three technologies.

Several videos were posted on Twitter @pntrack.

See all the rankings and here great interviews in the following @MilesplitIL article (make sure you forward this article through all five pages, great work by Pierre Nealon of Milesplit and head track coach at St. Rita.)

The Proof is in the Pudding at the Plainfield North Freelap Speed Showcase


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