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My daughter, 12 year old, qualified for her district meet in the 3200m in a week. They have only had 3 weeks to train for their events due to weather. Her fastest time is 14:20 (running in the snow) during a meet. They only have a week to train for the district finals. How hard should we push her the next week? Should we count this first district as experience only? She ran her first half marathon at 10 and loves to run. Do we need to send her to a camp this summer? Thank you.




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  1. I would have her do tempo work and some strength workouts like fartlek or hills. Sounds like she has a good Aerobic Capacities. She is still pretty young. I would keep her away from high mileage and encourage her to have fun and enjoy running. Let us know how she does. Good luck.

    1. I just noticed she only has a week to train. I would not do to much different. I might do a tempo early in the week, not a long one. 10-15 mintutes with a 10 minute real easy cool down. On the other days have her run for 25 – 30 minutes easy with 4 strides of 100 yards after those runs. (a stride would be to start and build up to a 90% sprint in 50 meters holding it for 25 meters and slowly cutting it down in the last 25 meters. Nice and easy transitions. We do it on the football field corner to corner. Walk and recover the endzone and then do one coming back. so you make an x on the football field.) The day before the race have her do a 20 minute run and 4 strides. I call it a think run. Have her think about the race the next day and what she has to do to reach her goal. Good Luck. Please let us know how she did. What meet is it and when is it taking place?

  2. I agree with Coach Behm. No high-mileage workouts during the week leading up to the finals. She would be wiped out and not able to perform well. Do realize that with 1 week to go, don’t expect major changes in her performance times. Adolescents physically cannot handle that kind of stress on the body. I’m glad to hear that she enjoys running and that’s what needs to be encouraged above all!!!

    As for summer camps, my answer is YES!!! Again overkill is not recommended nor desired. Try having her enter local fun runs up to 5K. New experiences.. new goals!

    Does her school participate in the IESA state series for track and field? My school does and that gives them the look of what a really big track meet can be like ( not like the usual dual, tri’s). If you’re not sure, please ask the school’s athletic director. If want more info on this, please email me and i’ll give you the contact info. Good Luck and have fun!!

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