Consortium’s Early-Bird Rate is Good Until Midnight Thursday

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With nearly 150 coaches preregistered, the Dec 11-12 Track-Football Activation Consortium is ready to roll this weekend. Coaches are encouraged to preregister at this link (payment) before midnight Thursday. The price at the door will be $225

At this time 30% of those preregistered are coming from out-of-state, some from as far away as California, Washington, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. 12 states will be represented with 23 registrations coming from Wisconsin and Indiana.

If anyone is looking for a hotel, there a several in the area.  Some of the speakers are staying at the Hyatt Place Lombard for $99 per night.

Please enter Montini High School from the north side.  In the picture below, I’ve circled the entrance.

Entrance to Montini

Click to enlarge.

Be prepared for late afternoon traffic.  We will be setting up shop when Montini ends their school day at 3:15.

On Saturday, Plainfield North hurdle coach John Singleton will be selling BBQ.  Coach Singleton is the owner of John’s Rib House in Lisle.


Friday Night Auditorium Sessions
5:30 Tony Holler: “The 10 Essentials of Sprint Training and the Main Thing”
7:00 Chris Korfist: “Training to Run Fast with No Space”
8:30 Latif Thomas: “Specific Strength Progressions & Acceleration Complexes”

Saturday Morning Gym Sessions
8:30 Latif Thomas: “Teaching and Progressing Acceleration & Top Speed Complexes”
9:30 Tony Holler: “30 Minute Sprint Workout in a Gym”
10:30 Chris Korfist: “Toys and Demonstrations”

Saturday Afternoon Breakout Sessions
12:00 Dan Hartman: “Coaching Football in 2015”
12:00 Stephanie Considine & Kipling Solid: “Activation”
12:00 Cal Dietz: “The Magic of the French Contrast”

1:00 Joel Smith: “Plyometric Implementation and Progression for the Jumping Events”
1:00 Alec Holler: “Turning Sprinters into Hurdlers”
1:00 Cal Dietz: “Triphasic Training for Football”

2:00 Latif Thomas: “Block Starts and Acceleration”
2:00 Dan Fichter: “Implementing a Year Round Speed Program for Football with Limited Space”
2:00 Chris Korfist: “Activation”

3:00 Chad Lakatos: “Dominate the Sprint Relays”
3:00 Dan Fichter: “Training to Run Fast with No Space – Isometrics”
3:00 Tony Holler: “Activation”

4:00 Lou Sponsel: “Speed-Based Football”
4:00 Chris Korfist: “Ankle Rocker and it’s Implications”
4:00 Dan Fichter: “Activation”


If anyone has questions, don’t hesitate to email, call, or preferably text.

Tony Holler


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