Tom Kraus to present at Wheaton North Clinic

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I’m really happy to announce that Tom Kraus (CSCS, Registered National Coach with USA Weightlifting) will present at our December 5th clinic.

I met Tom in the mid-1990’s when he was a competitive Olympic lifter, and have watched him develop into a fantastic teacher and coach over the past two decades. Tom is well-known in our area for developing a state-of-the-art PE for athletes program at West Aurora High School. Last year, he opened Kraus Athletic Development, through which he trains athletes of all ages.

At our clinic, I’ve asked Tom to do a session on training high school athletes in the weight room and another on teaching the squat. The first will take place in a classroom setting, with Tom covering the basics of program design. These concepts will be applicable to training athletes in any track and field event. The squat session will take place in the weight room with Tom demonstrating a progression designed to teach kids proper back squat technique, as well as alternatives to back squatting for athletes who might be better served by other leg-strengthening methods.

The goal of our clinic each year is to send coaches home with practical knowledge that they can apply to their kids on day one of track season. After years of teaching lifting to athletes five periods a day and then after school as well, Tom has accumulated a vast amount of hands-on experience that he would like to share with you.

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