Throwing Drills to be featured at the Wheaton North Clinic

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Wheaton North High School will hold its annual Track and Field Clinic on Saturday, December 5th, and the throws segment of the clinic will feature three “learn by doing” sessions on throwing drills.

The inspiration for this came last month when I attended a class on coaching the Olympic lifts presented by the Eleiko Barbell company.  That class, taught by two veteran lifting coaches (Anna Swisher and Mike Gattone) consisted primarily of hands-on instruction.  You can see Anna and Mike at work below.

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I’ve attended millions of classroom-style coaching seminars over the years, and I’ve learned a lot at them. I still remember my very first ITCCCA clinic in January of 1993. Jim Aikens of Fremd presented on the throws, and to this day I use some of the drills he showed us. Looking back, it’s weird how young I was then and how old Jim is now.

But the Eleiko clinic was really fun because it kept us all moving the entire time, and it allowed us to really feel the positions we need to get our lifters to hit if they are to develop excellent technique.

Also, the way the class was set up (lifters spaced around the room in a big circle, instructors in the middle demonstrating and correcting) provided a nice model for us coaches to use as we instruct our kids.

Bottom line, we all went home that day with a deep understanding of and ability to demonstrate a series of drills with which to teach our athletes the snatch, clean, and jerk.

And that’s what I’d like to provide at our December clinic. We will offer a session on the glide shot, rotational shot, and discus. Coaches will not throw actual implements, but will be offered the chance to work through a drill progression for each event. Those not wishing to actually participate in the drills are welcome also, as they will have a chance to observe how proper throwing technique can be taught in a group setting.

The clinic will cost $40 for those registering in advance, and $50 at the door.

We will post registration info soon.






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