Speed Activation Consortium: Friday-Saturday, June 19-20

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The First Annual Holler-Korfist Speed Activation Consortium will be held this Friday and Saturday, June 19-20.

Montini High School in Lombard, IL, will host the event.

The early-bird discounted price will be extended to anyone who contacts us before Friday.  You can text Tony Holler at 630-849-8294 or email Chris Korfist at korfist1@comcast.net.  We will take newcomers at the door as well.

The online payment link remains active.

Here is the schedule:


  • 4:00  Dr. Tom Nelson:  Breathing, Activation, and Sports Performance
  • 5:00  Chris Korfist:  Ankle Rocker Development and Explosion
  • 6:00  Tony Holler:  Data-Driven Cat Training
  • 7:00  Joel Smith:  Biomechanics-Based Vertical Jump Development
  • 8:00  Informal Small Group Discussion at Anyways (Oakbrook Terrace)


  • 9:00    Tony Holler:  Sprint Training Demonstration, Freelap, and Lactic Acid Workouts
  • 10:00  Chris Korfist:  Hip Development and its Impact on Speed
  • 11:00   Dr. Eric Janota:  Level-1 Activation- The Glutes and Psoas
  • 12:00   Lunch, kBox by Exxentric, Freelap 424, and 1080 Sprint
  • 1:00     Cal Dietz:  Triphasic Training
  • 2:00    Dan Fichter:  Effective In-Season Strength Training Without Weights
  • 3:00    Dr. Kerry Egan:  Vision – The Missed Opportunity in Training
  • 4:00    Dr. Kerry Heitkotter:  Cellular Activation

For more information about the speakers above, see Seeking the Truth.

By the way, this area is loaded with hotels.  I found a $66 room across the street from “Anyways”.

We’d like to thank our sponsors:

  • Freelap USA
  • Exxentric
  • 1080 Sprint

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