ITCCCA Distinguished Middle School Coach Award

ITCCCA is excited to honor outstanding middle school Track & Field/Cross Country coaches. The award, which was started this in 2019 when Greg Fedyski was honored, will be presented annually at the ITCCCA Clinic each January.

Criteria for nomination for ITCCCA Distinguished Middle School Coach Award is as follows:

1. A person must have served at least 10 years in a coaching capacity of Track & Field and/or Cross Country at the Middle School level in Illinois. This award may only be received one time by an individual.

2. Before one will be considered, nominations must be received by September 15th and include the information that is on the form below. Nominations are kept for at least 5 years, and usually longer.

3. Each October, the nominations will be discussed at the annual Committee meeting, which consists of at least 15 coaches representing both the North and South Divisions. A maximum of 2 new coaches will be recognized each year.