Making a shot put ring?

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I need to make an indoor shot put ring for my throwers. I have no idea how I would go about making this because I don’t know what to use for the spinning surface, outline for the ring, etc. All wee have right now is a home make toe board, which works, however I want the guys throwing from an actual ring. Can someone help me and give me directions on what to use to build an indoor ring? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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  1. Assuming this is for practice and not competitions, the easiest solution is to mount your toe board to a piece of plywood. I prefer using plywood that has a finished surface, which will be the throwing surface. Almost any thickness can be used, but thicker plywood tends to work better as it seems less prone to warping. Use non-slip carpet pads under the plywood to prevent the board from sliding.

  2. Use a 3/4″ piece of plywood. It’s not wide enough, but you don’t need the sides anyway. The 4’x 8′ also gives you enough space to mount a toe board on the front. I’ll send you a picture of mine if you send me your email address. Also, you probably won’t need your throwing shoes, the surface is slick enough.

  3. The easiest way to do it, is buy 4 sheets of 4×8 plywood, making sure at least 2 of them have a smooth side. Put 2 sheets on top of the other 2 sheets (glue and screw them together) making sure you stagger the seams, so you end up with an 8×8 platform. Then put a 7 foot aluminum ring (you can buy from gill athletics) on top and attach toe board.

    It would be cheaper to cut a 7 foot circle out of the top two sheets (basically you would cut a semi circle out of each top sheet using a 3.5 foot radius, but this is a lot more work. Just make sure if you do it this way, the 2 smooth sheets are underneath the 2 that have the circle cut in it, as that is now your throwing surface.

  4. You can use 4 square pieces of plywood held together with hinges( for easier storage and carrying). Paint of tape the exact size of circle on it. Lay it out and away u go!

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