How do you take attendance?

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I would like to know some methods other coaches use for taking attendance. Typically, old-fashioned paper and pencil work best, but I often conduct practice when rain is falling. Obviously, paper doesn’t usually work well at that time. I’d be very interested in using my phone (whether its an app or website) to do it so I don’t have to worry about paper at all. So, how do you take attendance? Thanks!


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    It’s easy to set up a google doc for attendance that you can access anywhere you have net access. That should also work well on your phone. Good luck!

    Mark Tacchi
    Glenbard South

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    I would recruit a manager from one of your classes that isn’t in track but wants to beef up the old college/job application and have them take attendance for you each day so you can be freed up to do the coaching. Have a great day.

    Tom Kaberna,
    Lake Park

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