Website Update: A look back at the first month (or so) of!

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Hey all,

First off, it’s been a great month of! Here’s a recap of some of the things that have happened, and what to expect going forward from the site.


We’ve grown to a staff of two, myself and DomerRunner86. I’ll continue to find news, photos, videos, etc. from around the state, while DomerRunner86 will help me out with the polls. I am very excited they are helping out with the polls, because it means I won’t be part of that process. As a coach in Illinois, I figured the less I had with the polls, the better.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank DomerRunner86 for taking time to help out! It means a lot to me that someone else has a passion for what I am trying to do with the site.

Fan Polls

Speaking of the polls: We’ll be changing them up, but just a bit.

  • We’re going to move most of them to a top 25. There is enough interest in the site and the polls, plus there have been multiple requests. As the less-popular polls get more support, we’ll move them up, too.
  • The polls will now come out on Wednesdays, and fan voting will be open on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • If DomerRunner86 or I are busy and can’t get the polls up by Wednesday, we’ll do our best to let you know when to expect them. Life and all..
  • We need more voters, especially for 1A and 2A girls. Spread the word about the polls!

Philosophy Change? 

With the emergence of Mike Newman’s Illinois Prep Harrier, and the comeback of Illinois Prep Top Times, I had to take a look into “Where does this site fit in?”

  • Mike Newman: In my opinion, he provides the best coverage about our sport. Content generator, and working with Dyestat on TFX.
  • Illinois Prep Top Times: Results, content, plus a ton more.
  • The best message board community
  • Nice site-produced content, some news aggregation, and part of Flotrack now
  • We post news articles, have fan polls, ??
  • (I probably missed someone, I’m sure)

SO! Here is where I think we fit in: Give the fans a platform to have their voice heard.

Give the fans a voice

Here are the ideas and features either here or coming for the site:

  • Collect news from around the state and post it here.. no matter how “small” it might be, it matters to someone
  • Fan Polls
  • Fan Poll submission awards (based on how well you guessed throughout the season)
  • Photo of the Week contest
  • Team and Runner of the Week awards (another poll, perhaps?)
  • YOUR meet coverage. Was your meet not covered by a newspaper or one of the sites listed about? Write about it here!
  • YOUR team coverage. Want to brag about something your team did recently? Have a particularly special story to share? Write about it here
  • This site is not just for posting news stories, it’s about posting what you want to post, so long as it has to do in some way with Illinois HS running. (but if you find a news story, be a dear and post it here, too, huh?)
  • More…?

I do not plan on trying to collect results at this point. I think all of the before-mentioned sites do a great job of posting results. I won’t turn away results, and will post what I happen to come across (and you should too)!

Feedback and a call for help

The overwhelming support I have gotten has been great! We have a lot of visitors, a pretty good interest in the fan polls, but not a lot of submissions to the site itself.

If you like the site, please consider helping us out. Read a story in your local paper? Take some awesome photos or video at a meet? Send us the link. Tweet us. Post on our Facebook page. Post the story yourself with our nifty little submission form

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