2016 Clinic: ITCCCA Throws Sharing Session

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ITCCCA Throws Sharing Session: 01/09/16

Fellow Throws coaches,

A few years ago I invited about a dozen throws coaches to my home for a sharing of ideas session. Coaches brought videos, drills, concepts, training plans & lots of questions. It was a great exchange of ideas; I still use many things I gained from that session. It is my hope to try and recreate this sharing session at the ITCCCA clinic on Saturday January 9th but on a much larger scale.

Here is my idea in a nutshell. I have created a google drive where you can submit your videos, drills, concepts, training plans or anything you may want to share or have questions about. This is your opportunity to share some cool things you do or get some questions you’ve had answered. At the clinic we will have sessions 3 & 4 set aside in the North Cafeteria for this endeavor. The cafeteria will be divided up into two areas of interest led by a pair of excellent throws coaches as moderators.


Session 3:        Glide Shot (Moderators: Keith Peak HEHS & Gale Gross GHS)

Rotational Shot (Moderators: Ken Kemeny SNHS & Kip Gasper DHS)


Session 4:        Discus (Moderators: Dave Ricca, NVHS & Roger Einbecker WVHS)

Weights & Training (Moderators: Dan McQuaid WNHS & Tom Krauss WAHS)


During the sessions you will have an opportunity to share what you have submitted with the other throws coaches in attendance. All of the submitted materials will be on the google drive that we will all have access to the day of the clinic on a view only basis (no one will be able to edit any material). So someone could go up and share their idea and everyone else could follow along on their Ipad, phone, laptop or whatever. Oak Park River Forest High School has assured me that there is enough bandwidth in their server to handle our needs. I will then leave this google share drive operable for a week afterwards if you care to download any of the materials for you future use.

Instructions for submitting materials:
  1. Go to “Google Drive”, if you don’t have a google account you may have to set one up. It is free & easy. Go to this site: https://accounts.google.com/signup
  2. Once you are in the Google Drive on the left side it says new. Click there to create a new folder.
  3. The folder you create must be labeled ITCCCA (School) (last name) use this as an example ITCCCA FHS Aikens
  4. Right click on the folder and click on the share icon. You need to share the folder with me jaikens@d211.org and please make it view only.
  5. After I receive your folder I will place it into a larger folder to be shared with all the throws coaches in attendance the day of the clinic.

-Jim Aikens

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